Baby Keepsake Box

A pink and orange keepsake box specially decorated to Ema.

Tea or Jewellery box

New personalised boxes

A card box specially personalised to Inês with a felt flower on the top.

A wooden box to Joana.

A nice wooden box to have in your living room or bedroom.

A special Tea wooden box!

A simple way to say "thank you" to a childminder/teacher at the end of a year of school/creche.
A tea box that will make any kitchen looks nicer!

What else...

If you want a personalised potty training chart, just let me know what you want and i'll make it. Here it's a sample:
Or if you are looking for a logo...

Or a card...
Or all decoration that you need for a party:
Invites and gifts
The gifts for all guests were a Chocolate Kinder bar, saying "Thank you for coming"
A banner saying however you want. This one says "Happy Birthday Lucas"
After to be made, i'll send it to you via e-mail and then you can print it or add it to your webpages or documents.

For a big futebol fan!

Here it's a very easy way to give to someone a special box, thinking on his favorite futebol team.
This one was specially decorated to Paulo, who is a big fan of Sport Lisboa Benfica!

Another nespresso box

A wooden box. The perfect way to keep your coffee capsules!
This one was specially decorated to Rita, saying "The Rita's coffee".

Where you can keep you pens and pencils?

Why don't you personalised a bit your office?
Here it's a simple a unique way!
All around:
This one was specially personalised to teacher Lurdes.

Wooden boxes for everyone!

Wooden box specially decorated to Maria Luísa.

A special box for someones who lives at the neighborhood called "Frog's Couple".

A little wooden box thinkinf on Easter time, saying "Happy Easter".

A little wooden box remembering the irish sheeps.

Good way to keep your child's pencils

A personalised can saying "The Rafael's pencils".

Another personalised can saying "The Gonçalo's pencils".

A plastic box specially decorated to Lucas, saying "The Lucas' pencils".

Please note: i can sell this boxes/cans with or without pencils, as you like.